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Tribulation is the Stairway to Joy!

As I ponder this remark, and observe my life experience’s the several days; I am witnessing a break through in what this truly means. I am walking through a very uncomfortable, disappointing, and heartbreaking situation that Satan meant to harden my heart, but I am CHOOSING to allow the Lord to keep perfecting me to be more like Jesus. As the Lord uses this time to sharpens the areas of long-suffering and patience in my walk, He is teaching me how to be joyful regardless. The Lord has weaved so many clues to teach me joy through strangers, drawn me to specific passages and messages coming from a variety of media; all of this is a reminder, He is in control. What I thought my flesh wanted and needed obviously wasn’t the Lords plan at this time. Being ”first born” with “an A“ personality are difficult trades if not managed by the Lord. Yesterday was icing on the cake, a sermon at First Christian Church downtown Fort Myers was all about joy. This is a reminder the Lord is in control of everything. Paul‘s writing to the Philippians from prison centered on joy and to rejoice no matter what. Don’t let others steal our joy; don’t make it all about us and lastly, make our life ALL about Jesus and we will experience deep seeded joy! Praise God in ALL things and watch your attitude change! Go love one more regardless!

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