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How to prepare……I have to share my delusional thoughts on grief prior to the loss of my daughter, Sydney and my sister, Jan Ann. I was running so fast through life taking care of my three girls, working and playing on the weekend that the thought of losing someone out of order didn’t cross my mind. I thought I had ALL the bases covered with protecting my children, a helicopter mom, attending church on Sundays and praying for their safety would be all I needed to do. I totally didn’t take the time to slow down, draw closer to Christ, and His Word to educate myself about our true battle in life which we all face each day. When the life changing event occurred on December 27, 2011 at 9:15pm; my families lives were destroyed, and I didn’t have the Biblical knowledge, or the Christian infrastructure to speak life over us or even know how to navigate the next steps. Consequently, the grief journey divided our family! After walking through all of these losses here are a few thoughts I would like to share. 1. we live in a broken fallen world, and bad things happen to ALL people; just because you are a good person, attend church, doesn’t protect us from Satan. 2. I hadn’t taught my children God’s Word deep enough to stand on when grief comes. The Bible provides the HOPE and God never leaves our side; call out to Him for comfort! 3. Grief, if allowed is a painful companion that can blind us to God’s presence, and Satan will use the grief experience for his kingdom if we don’t know who we are in Christ. Please prepare for upcoming battles and know the Word of God so you can stand. Here are a few verses I lean on in times of grief and sorrow. Isaiah 25:8, Psalm 34:18, Matthew 11:28-30, John 11:25-26 and Lamentations 3:31-33. Keep in mind, the fleshly world will be offering their remedies of anti-depressants, secular world counseling, and hurry and get back to your old normal ways of life. All of these ideas will keep you circling the drain!!!! Trust me, I have walked in the valley of shadows of death and this is not the cure, only Jesus! Call on the name of the Lord and He will answer you! Allow grief to call your hope/faith to action rather than into question! Romans 8:28. God Bless……

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