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Satan’s goal

Satan’s strategy in this life is very simple, make sin look normal and make righteousness seem strange. We shouldn’t be deceived, every one of us are being transformed either into the image of Jesus or into the image of this world. There are three areas of our life that we must submit to Christ: our body, soul/mind/will/emotions, and spirit/intuition/moral conscience. Satan, when allowed, through sin, wrong thinking, pride, not reading and learning the ways of the Lord, or the opposite attributes of the fruits of the Spirit, see Galatians 5 will keep us from the Lord’s will on our life. The Lord wants a relationship with us, this is only achieve through spending time spent with Him in the Bible. Keep in mind, all our answers come from His Word, the Bible. We must take it, read it, walk in it, and us as our sword; see Ephesians 6. Lastly, worship plays a huge part in our relationship with the Lord. Give thanks in ALL things, the Lord allows us to live on whatever level we settle for. Take this special time of Lent to draw closer to the Lord, give thanks always and watch the Lord move on your behalf. God Bless

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