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Moving into 2023

As I move into a new year and through this temporary assignment called life, I still get tripped up by my emotions and wrong believing. I often catch myself giving too much time, focus, energy and talents to fleeting emotions of past regrets, worry and sadness. I know from past tragedies, how quickly a life is altered and a new normal has been established. For my survival and sanity, I am in the Word daily seeking His face, direction and love to endure the day. I am moving forward from falling back into past living, past regrets and past thinking. A dear friend suggested I practice writing down unanswered prayers and the “why“ questions to leave at the Cross, which has begin to free my mind, time and actions toward to focus on the now. As I move into 2023, I am still here for a purpose (Jeremiah 29:11). Beginning a new behavior; I am literally (standing on my Bible) to proclaimed the Word of the Lord over my life, my family and friends while speaking out certain memorized verses of faith to manifest into our lives. The last several days a verse keeps coming across my path and I know this is the Lord speaking to me; Behold Jesus will make ALL things new (Revelation 21:5). I am studying the word behold and proclaims over my life for this new year. What will be your word or verse for 2023. Speak out exactly what you want and not what you have and go forth to leave everyone better than you find them. Go love one more!

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