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Lord fill me with the Holy Spirit

Lord, teach me to pray and help me to clean up the spiritual condition of my heart so the Holy Spirit can reside in me. I need a revived heart, spirit and mind. I realize this comes only through quiet time with the Lord and reading His Word. My request; to be filled with the indwelling Spirit of God, and allow Him to have control over me instead of taking control myself. I need to learn how to depend upon the Holy Spirit to obey and trust Him for everything. This is extremely difficult for someone like me; dealing with so much tragedy and loss. I know Matthew 17:20 speaks of having faith as small as a mustard seed to move mountains is a verse I speak out a lot. As I pray for miracles, which include, Godly husbands for my daughters, and my family to be resurrected, and our minds to be healed from all the brokenness; I will wait patiently. I understand I have to lay down worry, as I move to and through belief the Lord is moving on my behalf whiling praising Him when it appears He’s not working. Thank you Father for Jesus, Your Word and each other. Go love one more.

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