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Hurting People, Hurt People

It is really easy to be kind to people who are kind to you! However, when a hurting family member or friend crosses my path with a poor attitude, ungrateful spirits and or just mean, it requires a reminder from the Holy Spirit to forgive like He forgives us. As I work on sharping my listening skills; can’t believe after ALL these years still a work in progress but a lot sharper. I can’t pay it forward without the guidance of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit‘s wisdom working through us provides us the right words for hurting people. It is my prayer and desire God weaves across my path hurting people to speak life over. When we partner with the Holy Spirit the atmospheres around us change and the attitudes in our hearts are converted to reflect love, peace, trust, acceptance and joy! At Sydney Elaine’s Smile, we promote these attributes through our prayer card ministry to ensure we are leaving people better than we find them. Go love one more today! Have a blessed Wednesday!

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