I heard a great sermon last week about holiness, which is a requirement to have a relationship with God. However, developing Holiness is a lifetime goal and we all fall short everyday. That is why its so important to stay close to His Word and understand His mercies are new everyday. As the Bible tells us, God is always looking at the heart and the motives behind our actions. Holiness is required for our own well being; do our choices lead to health and life in Jesus? If not, what in my life needs to be altered and revisited to draw closer to Jesus. A few behaviors to add to your routine; start the day in the Bible, and find passages that remind us who we are in Christ. The current culture is pushing us into isolation and having us focus on our needs. Keep in mind, Jesus came as a servant and not to be served. Every morning His mercies are new, start today and move forward. The past is the past, Satan will attempt to beat you over the head with the past. Let it go and focus on Kingdom building. Have a blessed Wednesday

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