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Have a Lifeline?

Catching up from a busy weekend conference in Nashville, TN, I was reminded, how I discovered my lifeline; in the middle of the storm. Then it occurred to me, listening to the presenters, they were the same as myself, awareness during the storm and not before. Why did it take me so long? I must admit, no structured quiet time set aside for the Lord, raising three daughters, chasing the shiny stuff, and finding my worth in my work. All of this kept me from having my lifesaver, Jesus Christ In place ahead of the storm. Not until my world was flipped upside down, did I slow down enough to seek out my lifeline; very painful process. I would highly recommend developing this relationship prior to life‘s tragedies. Started my blog was a vehicle to share my story and hopefully help others discover the Lifeline of Jesus Christ ahead of the trials.

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