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God’s Provision + Nothing = Contentment

Updated: Jan 10

This formula has been a long term learning lesson for me. I‘ve realize contentment isn’t a feeling depending on what is transpiring in my life or how much money is in my checking account; it is my way of life. For me; seeking self forgiveness for my past mistakes without carrying those mistakes and regrets into my present living; not living in my presence state with the spirit of envy or comparison; while looking into my future without fear and trepidation is my goal. To achieve this level of contentment, it is critical to stay in the Bible to remain focused on Jesus. When pairing contentment with gratitude, it is a win win formula for the love, peace, and joy from the Lord. Most of us today have far more material wealth and security that those before us, however, contentment is still elusive. Why, it’s a heart issue; focus on Jesus rather than worldly processions because He alone is our contentment and hope. Practice this behavior and read in Proverbs 22 to help you practice these techniques to obtain God‘s blessings. Go love one more and leave everyone better than you find them!

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