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Fear vs Faith

As I sit here writing this blog today, its been 12 hours since I spoke to a love one in the eye of IAN in Fort Myers, FL. The gap of communication could create a lot of turmoil in my spirit/soul, but I choose to reach deep to find the mustard see of faith. In the flesh realm, I want to run to fear and anxiety and what could happen. I now know to identify where thoughts are coming from, the evil one, Satan. Keep in mind, he comes to kill, steal and destroy our faith in Jesus. I am responsible for what thoughts I have and what I am dwelling on. The Lord reminds me to take my thoughts captive and replace them with His Word. The Lord will provide, protect, and give me the faith to walk this situation out and have faith in the outcome. At the close of the day, He is the Lord of Lord and Kings of Kings. Lord, I trust you with my love one and know you will protect them during this storm. I lay at the Cross my fears and pick up your peace that surpasses all understanding today.

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