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Best Shower Ever…….

It wasn’t until I surrendered my worries, needs and past, that I started to understand, there is a greater purpose than Shelley‘s agenda. In fact, its simple, its all about Jesus. As I grew deeper in my walk but still carrying the weight of yesteryears, the Lord showed me, the more time with Him, the lighter my load. His Word is and will continue to wash me “white as snow.”. Throughout my church years, “white as snow” was a lyrical phrase repeated over and over in many Christian songs; but didn’t dawn on me what it really met until I experienced the Freedom. The Word of God cleanses us, and leaves our past behind. I‘ e often pondered, why wouldn’t God want to take the weight of the world from us? He does, and this is exactly why He allow His son to come to earth; to take our sins and carry our burdens while providing a way to Him. If Satan can keep the millstone around our necks, and believing the lie, we aren’t worthy and keep bringing up our past faults, it will hinder us being useful for God’s Kingdom work. Believe me; seek the Lord, spend time daily in His word and ask Him to cleanse you from all your past transgressions. The Bible will deliver, cleanse and change your life to receive the love, peace and joy our God has for each of us. Be blessed and go love one more…..

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