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Open Your Door

Life is a series of choices, and as we pass through today, we will make hundreds of choices. What I have found interesting is most of us will take the easy path and never consult with God. After residing on the easy path for most of my adult life, I was forced onto the road less traveled. The easy path for me consisted of fitting in, going along to get along, and chasing after the secular dream of wealth, material items and partnering with the spirit of hurry! I never allowed myself to reflect or spend quiet time with Jesus. Because of these closed door behaviors, I wasn’t equipped for the road less traveled, and I didn’t realize the amount of hurt, bitterness, jealousy and comparison I had accumulated in my soul and spirit. Landing on the road less traveled provided the necessary time to address my pain and suffering which had accumulated over the decades filling my soul and spirit. In addition, new time was carved out to opened my door to the love of Jesus. The beauty behind an open door is all the new relationships and understanding the greater purpose of life. The open door and slower pace provides time to receive calls and text from friends to pray for others; send my prayers cards to hurting families, and in turn, renewed healing for me. I am so blessed I didn’t close the door from the intense pain or mask the pain with food, drugs, sex, alcohol or the spirit of busyness because I would never met some of the wonderful people God has weaved across my path. Keep your door open, and do the painful work to arrive at a higher level of living. God Bless

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