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Develop a mind like Christ Jesus

The way we think is vital to our life existence. At Salvation, one of Savior’s gift we receive is the ability to align our thoughts and behaviors like Jesus. However, this is only accomplished through spending time in His Word, prayer and listening for His voice; btw, it is our responsibility to seek Jesus and spend time with Him. My recommendation, seek out people walking with Jesus, join a bible study group, we all need a network of support when making changes in our lives and redirecting our thoughts (Requires full dependency on Him). As we begin to replace our previous thoughts that don’t marry up with God’s words it is comforting to have others to support our new behaviors and to speak life over us through the journey. Understand this fact; we all struggle, and this is a daily battle. An area I personally struggle; shame. I heard not long ago how a belief like shame grows. For example, if shame was a bacteria growing in a petri dish, shame would need three elements to survive, silence, secrecy, and judgement. How can we kill the bacteria of shame? EMPATHY! As we spend time with the One who created us, He will guide our thoughts and help us align our mind with God’s word. Is this helping me become the person God wants me to be, or is it hindering the process? Have a blessed Monday!

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