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Blindsided Call

Yesterday morning started with a phone call from Bruce, (my children’s father) saying a wellness check was requested for his 86 year old mother in Cincinnati; she lived alone by choice. She had left worked last Thursday, not feeling well, and called in Friday and Monday to stay home, from a job she loved. She was on my mind during the holiday because I hadn’t talked with her for a long minute, and Bruce called me to share she called him; rare occasion, and was excited about our Campbell family reunion in late July. The wellness check on Thursday found her deceased. As I ponder why I didn’t stop and call her; breaks my heart! The message today, when God lays someone on your heart; slow down and follow His instructions. I regret learning a lot of my life lessons the hard way. I pray this blog post today will be a wake up call for all of us to slow down, listen to the Lord and respond to His calls. God Bless.

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