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Wisdom verses Folly

It’s been a minute since I posted; traveling and fulfilling my bucket list! however, during my quiet time today, one of the verses for May 28 was Proverbs 17:2-4 and it was calling my attention. As I read the verse I felt led to look more into the meaning behind the verse. Keep in mind, I am always asking the Lord to give me ears, eyes and heart like Christ, and today’s teaching was spot on! The expanded message around the verse today mentioned, ”we have all known fools.” Fool definition: they bounce from one thing to another, excited with this or that, always seeking happiness, success, which they never find, and they talk a lot and easily discontent. In addition, they cannot focus on important matters, easily distracted like children is the last behavior I read for reflection. A lot of these behaviors were mine for years, in fact, into my adult age, not realizing they were attributes of a fool. Not until I started my day with the Lord did I realize how easily I was misled by Satan. It is by the grace and mercy of the Lord, he rescued me from myself and set me on His path of life several years ago. It began by spending time in His Word. We have a serious choice each day which path we will choose; only two paths, light and dark! I pray everyone reading today will choose light and seek Christ. God Bless and pray for all the families who have lost someone on this Memorial Day Weekend!

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