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This past decade I directly witnessed a couple of tsunamis in my life, and following the aftermath; tons of soul searching, increased quiet time with the Lord, Godly friends weaved across my path, I observed the goodness of God on the other side. Learning how to take comfort in knowing God controls the storms, and His mighty power coupled with His love for us, He walks us through the storms. No one likes storms, but until we reach our heavenly home, they will be part of our present life here. I believe through my tsunami experiences, the Lord used them to draw me much closer to Him while exposing my need for Him and the need to repent from my sins. As the Word teaches us, sin has to be punished unless we seek forgiveness, and if we don’t receive salvation, we will not join God in Heaven. The tsunami removed the scales from my eyes, and began to prepare me for eternity! I will see my love ones again and prepared me to be used by the Lord until I reach home. One of the first lessons learned, submission; this life isn’t about me, but about glorifying our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. If your walking through a Tsunami, seek the Lord’s direction for the way out, and trust the Lord for the end results. Proverbs 3:5-6 comes to mind. We are to go love one more for the Kingdom and be still as the Lord handles the Tsunami results. Exodus 14:14. God Bless

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