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“To Fear the Lord”……

As I ponder what it mean to "fear the Lord", I didn't understand the meaning for so many years. I thought and believed this behavior was the same definition found in Webster‘s dictionary. Webster says, "Fear is defined as being afraid of someone or something". However, “the fear of the Lord” from the Biblical prospective is different with several practical manifestations which don’t apply being “afraid” as Webster states. The Biblical application applies the definition of respect and obedience of our Lord. In fact, the Lord left us a roadmap for our lives called the Bible, which elaborates what is met by "the fear of the Lord". The application in a Christian's life resemble, obedience to God's commandments, and reading His word daily. In addition, a desire to be like Jesus, while living a life of courage is the meaning from the Bible. Again, those who fear the Lord through mankind's lenses will worry about mankind's behavior, natural disaster, and worldly problems will suffer from panic attacks, depression, anxiety, and overwhelming feelings. Those who fear the Lord with a holy awe, on the other hand, find courage that mobilizes them to act more like Jesus and stand on FAITH. The Lord will challenge His people to live in confidence and live boldly while on this planet while preparing for eternity. Ezra 7:28 "So I was encouraged, as the hand of the Lord y God was upon me. God Bless

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