The Secret Place

Have you notice how some people regardless of their situation, are content and filled with joy? God wants us to be heavenly people and see situations from His perspective. We have to reach into the heavenly realm for His blessings because we are seated in heavenly places says the Word. The Secret Place is a place we develop over our lifetime as we start sowing seeds and spending time in the Word. Discovering The Secret Place is developed over a lifetime of sowing God’s word, the seed and watching the harvest. A question to answer, are we living an earthly life Or our we operating in the Spirit realm? We are called to walk a new way, surrendered to God and seeking His will for our lives so we can reside in the Secret Place of joy and contentment. We can usually tell when we meet people where they are residing. It is my prayer and desire as we all continue to move toward the Secret Place and away from the broken, fallen world. Have a blessed Saturday as you leave people better than you find them.

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