As we approach the holidays for 2022, Thanksgiving is always a special holiday with family and friends and a reminder to give thanks always. The last few years have been difficult attempting to navigate a broken fallen world. And as I lean in, to God’s Word, and pay less attention to the world around me, the news, and all the bright shiny stuff, I am granted a peace which I am so great-full for. Because I know there are many who are navigating without God’s Word in this brokern fall world, I see the worry, anxiousness, and sadness on their face, and it breaks my heart. I had to learn early on in my walk, I don’t always get the privilege of understanding why I have lost so much, but I know God is trustworthy, and if I choose to follow Him, read His Word, and Pray, it provides the thankfulness, and optimistic view, I need to keep moving forward. Father in heaven, where I see problems, brokenness and loss, grant me a spirit of gratitude and praise! A heart of full of gratitude nurtures a spirit of joy! Amen, go love

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