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Return from Mission Work

Where do I begin…..what a life changing experience, with eyes wide open; to withness true JOY while living in dire situations!!! A true sense of community, depending on one another and carrying each other burdens. Our country is so misled by all the media lies, social media comparisons, and the false indoctrination of our educational systems; we are LOST to God’s plan and extremely disconnected to our power source, Jesus Christ. We’ve forgotten Jesus died a horrific death to provide ALL the love, peace and joy we need to make it through this difficult life. An awe-haw moment occurred upon returning; attending a couple of prior scheduled engagements while engaging in conversation, did I realize our empathy, patiences and need for each has vanished. It’s all about us and the media, social media and educational institutions receive an “A” for their efforts. Those outlets have hired Satan to destroy God and His Holy Spirit power to tear down our communities, create division among the races, and in turn put ALL our focus on our FEELINGS and FEAR. If we would take a minute to realize; feelings are fleeting, and fear, is false evidence appearing real and wake up; and start each day in the Word of God to remind us who we are in Jesus. Trusting God, which means looking beyond what we can see to what God sees, and building up our FAITH Is the key back to our lost love, peace and joy. Again, when our feelings start to overcome us, reflect on the victories in the Word of God, and in our lives, to remind us of His love for us. Reject discouraging words, and the lies from all of our media outlets, because Satan is behind the narrative, instead spend time in the Word of God to replace the lies. We can face any circumstance with confidence and hope, because it is not our strength, wisdom, energy, or power that brings victory; the battle belongs to the Lord. Triumph only comes because of God’s ability, and when we place our trust in Him, we tap into our irresistible force that no one and nothing can successfully oppose. I am living proof because of horrific walk and how God came along side of me! Start today to go love one more for Christ! We don’t get this day again, don’t let it go to waste.

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