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Prayer; a must!!

As I spend time in the Word this morning, everything I am reading is pointing me to prayer. I feel we are in the final hours with the decaying of our values, lack of faith, and evidence of the “I” mentality, prayer is a vital requirement for us to have love, peace and joy to survive. The Book of Act during Pentecost is all about prayer, and it was through prayer the Spirit of God was poured out over the early church. If we lack praying, and persistent prayer, it leaves a door open for satan. Satan is standing ready to enter the door and works overtime to keep us from praying and seeking God’s direction for our lives. His highest priority is to cause us to be disinterested in prayer, and seeking the Lord. When this happens he knows this hinders the advancement of God’s Kingdom. Let’s be Kingdom Builders (KB) for God and pray about everything! Go pray!

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