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Over Come Evil with Good

Definition of evil; profoundly immoral and wicked behaviors, actions or deeds to harm self or others. Reading this definition today calls for me to stop and ponder how far I have come in my 61 year walk. I now understand after receivng the Holy Spirit over 32 years ago, it is the lack of the Holy Spirit residing in them to act this way. Prior to accepting Jesus in my life, I had the capacity to act this way. Without the Holy Spirit, and poor communications skills, coupled with low emotional intelligence, produces the inability to over come evil with good. Once Jesus took up residency in my spirit, I was able to begin learning and implementating His ways over the last three decades. Keep in mind, this is a long learning curve, and Jesus will provides a lot of practice by weaving very difficult people and situations across our path to increase our fruit of the spirit! As we all know, its very easy to be kind to people who are kind to you. However, when the Holy Spirit takes up residency, it is easier to be good to those who are mean to you. In the earthbound realm, unsaved people would call this kindness crazy and stupid but Jesus calls it grace. Reflect on your attitude and behavior when wronged to determine what resides in you! It is my prayer you set time aside for Jesus to learn how to over come good with evil. Go love one more.

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