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In my early walk with Christ, I use to tell fellow believers that when I read the Bible I don’t understand it. Not until years later did I realize, the reason I didn’t understand is because it’s God’s revealed Word, and to comprehend it, requires His wisdom, time with Him, and seeking Him always. I didn’t know Christ like I thought I did, and I had no ability to understand the things of God. Since the death of my daughter almost eleven years ago, that tragedy forced me to my knees, to slow down, and I found Him in the quiet time as I processed what had happened to our family. Christ was my only means of survival because the other options were pure darkness and with a very sad ending. Christ began to illuminate my mind and teach me His divine truths. I don’t have to understand the “whys” because I trust Him. As I continue to develop my spiritual walk and maturity,He teaches me the true meaning of the text and what my mission is here. Sydney was His child, on lone to me. I keep reminding myself, the earth isn’t my home, I am not collecting shiny things, I am a soldier of the Kingdom of Christ. Satan works overtime to steal the love, peace and joy from us that keeps us in bondage.

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