One With Jesus

As I start my morning, the feeling of blessing resonates with my soul. My home is dedicated to the Lord and it feels safe, quiet, peaceful, and open to the invitation of the Holy Spirit to fill my mind and set my day in order. This time is so awesome and precious to me; truly blessed. As I reflect on my teachings today, I am reminded I need to seek the Holy Spirit to think through me as I approach this day of uncertainty. Also, I need the Holy Spirit to live through me for the right words at the right time to speak over people who are hurting and lost. Lastly, I need the Holy Spirit to love and develop patiences through me because I have mentioned this before, I can’t give away what I don’t have but the Holy Spirit can add to and make enough for all situations. Holy Spirit your welcome here and I will wait and listen for You because I know all I have to offer anyone is broken advise and wisdom. Thank You Lord for equipping me to go love one more.

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