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New Year & Prayer

As I approach the New Year, and my desire to start some new behaviors, I am reminded to keep everything in prospective; this journey is quick, through a temporary life, on my way to meet my Savior, and where I will reside forever. I learned about the temporary life through tragic losses in my life. Before the losses, I was too busy raising a family, working, setting unrealistic expectations, and accumulating a bunch of stuff to dust. I had been on a merry go round for a couple of decades and didn’t realize it. After the losses, I was brought to my knees, where I learned to live each day as it is my last. Also, it taught me more compassion and empathy towards others, along with my new motto; how do I leave people better than you find them?? And when this is challenging, I pray to exchanged my people burden for the Lord’s peace and for Him to carry. However, if after I pray, I sense I am still carrying the burden, then I turned my prayer time into a complaining session. He wants us to leave at the Cross to free us for Kingdom work!! Allowing ourselves to dwell on stressful things in life invites in anxiety and steals the gift God gave us of love, peace and joy! Do we know Him well enough to experience His peace in the midst of a crisis?

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