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Life is like bumper cars

Forgiveness is God’s grace in action through us. A few days ago, while visiting my mailbox after a long journey back from a mission trip to Roatan, I discovered a ticket from my City. I’ve never received a ticket before, and was caught off guard by the neighbor‘s bumper car hit! I have to back up to let you know, I have dwelled next to the meanest neighbors in my 62 years of life. In fact, if I leave prematurely from this house, I am the third family casualty, and my other 18 neighbors haven‘t escaped the bumper car wrath. I learned shortly after moving in, my neighbor on the other side of the mean neighbor thanked me for moving in. Why, my house was empty for awhile, and the mean neighbor used their bumper car to intimidate them until I moved in. I have had my share of bumper car experiences in life, but usually one bumper car experience and its resolves are ends; this one keeps on giving! I asked the Lord what am I to learn from all this painful experience; Galatians 5 came to mind, a couple of the attribute are “long suffering and patiences” so maybe these attributes are being sharpened in my life. Because my flesh, would like to take my bumper car and run over them! When this thought enters my mind, I am quickly reminded how deeply I have offended the Lord, and how often the Lord has extended the grace of forgiveness to me. (Matthew 18:21). It is very difficult to do the right thing, and always much easier to take the low road, and run over them with the same behavior they are extending, but I serve a God that says; be still and I will fight your fight! (Exodus 14:14). As I apply these lessons to a few current situations in my life, I seek guidance from the Lord so He can provides the peace that surrpasses all understanding and be my bumper car! Have a blessed Sunday.

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