Hole 17

As I age and the pace of life slows down a bit, I am overwhelmed when I reflect on the times I was so busy being busy in the early years. So concerned about involving my children in all the activities, making sure I was a great parent by serving on the PTO board, memberships with organizations that serve children; failing at being everything to everyone without the focus on Christ and the direction He has for my life and my children’s life. It reminds me of the golf game I enjoy playing; it takes time, lots of practice, patiences and a nice slow swing with a lot of concentration to finish the 18 holes well. I start each day in the work to understand the direction for the day from the Lord. I am always seeking Him throughout the day in prayer, sometimes waiting on His response; still human so when I approach the 18th green and the journey is coming to an end, I want to here from my Father, Creator and Mentor; good job faithful servant. Have a blessed Wednesday and seek the Lord to finish well.

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