Highway of Holiness

As I am drive on our highways today, sprinkled with potholes, unevenness, curves and sometimes very narrow streets,I pause to reflect this is very similar to our lives. Our life’s will include some or all of these situations, and sometimes like my situation with my daughter Sydney, out of NO WHERE a horrific sinkhole right in the middle of the road with NO time to respond. And because our lives included driving too fast, while caught up in life’s work and pleasing others, we hit the sink hole head on without any warning. It nearly totaled and destroyed our/my life, but because of my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord uses difficult trials and painful circumstances to turn us away from unholy practices, slows us down, and uses these situations to teach us the way of godliness. I believe and confess God will use all of our adversity to build our faith and develop our character to be more Christlike. Don’t delay, let your roots grow down deep into Him, through spending time in His Word and in prayer to build your life on Him. Then your faithfulness will grow strong in truth from His Word, and you will overflow with thankfulness and not be deceived by satan and his evil spirits. In closing, it is so unfortunate our country is so far removed from the truth, and the only way back to the Highway of Holiness is through His Word, the truth. I pray whoever reads this will be blessed and a U turn made towards Christ.

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