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Higher Ground

A very catchy title for a Bible Study series I am starting this month which is the same month the Jewish people celebrate Rosh Hashanah. What is the correlation; both celebrate starting a ”new” year/birth of something new and special. As I approach senior living, and refer to myself as a “senior” in terms of age on the Gregorian calendar, it really struck me, I want to know more about Jesus whom I serve. Anticipating meeting Him sooner with each passing year, and remarking about my love for Him, I felt led to continue diving deeper into His Word. As the Bible states, we are ALL made in His image, and God’s masterpiece (Ephesians 2:10) so I desire to know more about the plan He has for Shelley, and how to navigate pure chaos satan is ushering in! Higher ground is a nine month commitment to learn the New Testament and the life of Jesus. It is my prayer you will witness my growth as you read my entries throughout this new journey! Nehemiah 8:10 is what I am learning to stand on as I walk closer to the Lord! God Bless!

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