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Hearing from the Lord

How is the Lord instructing you during the celebration of His life during this Christmas season? What is He saying to you? This area of hearing from the Lord is an ongoing challenge for me since I use to struggle with being quiet, still and at not moving at a hundred miles an hour. My personality is go, go and go faster; not understanding the essential need for quiet time with the Lord, and spending time in His word. These behaviors weren’t modeled to me as a young child, unfortunately took longer and more difficult to develop these communication skills with the Lord. As we know, great conversation is two ways and I have mastered how to pray, but it is an ongoing challenge and learning process to hear from Him. As I meet with Him in the morning, reading His word, this time provides me the peace that surpasses all understanding and the opportunity for Him to provide the much needed discernment. He is teaching me that communication and peace is a weapon which requires no permits and it is envelope in patiences, love, mercy and forgiveness…. Go love one more today!

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