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Hardin Heart!

Following church service today, I went up to the alter for prayer. The holidays are always difficult with all the loss and brokenness. I felt the Lord stirring in my heart to forgive and move forward which prompted me to invite “x” family members for Thanksgiving. In addition, my x husband and I have been speaking on a regular basis and working to heal previous wounds. As Thanksgiving unfolded, I could tell I was on edge. I am carrying around deep seeded brokenness from all my past experiences with life and my x husband. I know and understand, hurting people hurt people and I am working with the Lord to guard my heart so it doesn’t become hard from life. Arriving home after church, I open the Bible to study about heart issues. Jeremiah 18:12 and Matthew 13:15 both reminded me not follow my own heart desires but to seek the Lord’s will and heart for my life’s. This will provide a peace that surpasses all understanding and give us the joy of the Lord.

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