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Guarding our hearts!

As life comes at us and shuffles our circumstances around, sometimes in the opposite direction, we are called to trust and be still. A lot of times, these shuffles can be negative and include close family members or friends where our hearts get fully engaged. At this point, we must stay close to the Word of God and remind ourselves who we are in Christ and seek prayer from our Godly relationships to carry us through the discomfort. If we don’t protect ourselves, and allow the unsafe family and friends to hate on us, blame, complain and hold a grudge; no one wins. We must understand progress occurs when we do what is necessary, not what is easy, and pull back to be still while we wait on the Lord. During this time, we have to continue worshiping the Lord, seeking forgive for the trespassers, and show gratitude in the middle of the storm. These behaviors will elevate our mindset and protect our heart from the unsafe situation. This is growth.

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