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God’s Word is like a Seed

As we spend time in the word, memorizing verses and putting into practice what we learn, we are able to plant seeds of love, hope and joy into others lives. As we speak life over others and encourage them, we are planting seeds. It is my prayer and hope that the Lord waters your seeds so they will grow towards the Lord. It isn’t our responsibility to water the seeds, just to plant them. And the harvest is also the Lords responsibility. Keep in mind, this can be a long laborious journey with some people, planting seeds for years and waiting on the harvest. I have a few family members where seeds have been planted for years, and I am waiting on the Lord to water and harvest. This slow process has built in me trust, patiences and long suffering. Never forget, the Lord will use the process for all of us to grow in Him. God Bless and go love one more.

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