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Feelings or Faith

As the Lord scans the earth for godly men and women who demonstrate righteousness living, what does He find? What are the requirements for Godly influence? Have we allow our feelings to drive and dictate our course in life? To understand and answer these questions means to reflect on your past behaviors and actions. Trusting the Lord is very easy when things go as planned or better than expected. However, what happens when your 19 year old daughter passes away tragically and your 53 year old sister dies unexpectedly; these horrific accidents pushes us into fear and feeling mode. However, the Bible says, He will equip us, and we must trust and live by faith because nothing is too difficult for Him. I‘ve spent years growing in the Lord to understand this life and realize it isn’t about me. What satan met to destroy me, and my family, the Lord would use for His Kingdom, but I couldn’t operate on feelings forever. I had to believe and have faith in the Lord and stay in His Word to help me build my faith and lessen the pull of feelings. He allowed these horrific heartaches to start conforming me to the image of His Son Jesus Christ. I have such a different outlook and understanding of life, along with an understanding of the bigger picture, which brings me more faith, and allows me to keep my feelings in check instead of the roller coaster ride before. As I am being molded into the image of Jesus Christ, and striving to leave everyone better than I find them, it is a daily reset against the feelings and to determine I will proceed under faith and move forward. One day I will meet Jesus face to face and understand everything and thats what motivates me to keep moving forward. God Bless and go love one more.

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