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Drifting Danger

Coming off a weekend feeling under the weather provided me time to read and reflect. Relaxing and resting, while reading my Life in Principal Bible from my neighbor and sister in Christ, I am reminded of the need to slow down, rest and wait on the Lord to renew my strength. This is a difficult task for a first born, who had a lots of responsibilities at young age, and born with an “A” personality to acquire; however, the Lord knows how to garner my attention. Reflecting back over the month of July; a lot had happened, losing my dear mother in law and helping my x husband navigate the lost, I had drifted away from my quiet time in the morning. I can’t believe July has come and gone, and found myself drifted into the weeds. As I know, drifting is dangerous, and will lead me down a path of destruction, loosing my love, peace and joy the Lord has for me. I want to share some early signs of drifting……… 1. Not spending time with the Lord. 2. Lose our closeness with the Lord due to lack of time spent with Him. 3. Not sharing Jesus with all of our encounters, and lastly, not praying are just a few early warning signs of drifting. It is my prayer whoever reads my blog, their heart is stimulated to want to open up His Word, and learn the direction for your life. The last several days, a verse keeps circulating around me; Joshua 1:9. God Bless

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