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Did we “give place to the devil?”

Updated: Jul 31

Ephesians 4:27 asked this question. In spiritual terms, ”legal ground” is when you or someone in your ancestral line gives satan permission to enter your life. I felt the last 12 years, my front door is wide open,and satan has worked overtime with the untimely death of my oldest daughter, Sydney Elaine at 19, my brother in law, Glenn Campbell, and sister, Jan Stuck, both gone at 53 years old. In addition, other demonic acts of sexual abuse, alcoholism and abandonment is added to all the untimely deaths. As I am on my knees for answers; how all this happened, I’ve learned all my doors were open, steaming from ancestral behaviors through Masonic activity in my ancestral line, along with my blindness of leaving several doors open prior to me walking with the Lord. The doors of unforgiveness, disobedience, and emotional trauma were invitations for satan to come in and work his evil magic. Also, as a young teen, I recall my mom taking me to have my palm read. All of this activity, allow satan access into our lives, along with the absence of being raised in the church; is a recipe for disaster! I was blind to the need for Christ, I didn’t have the knowledge of the Biblical Word, nor a network of believers to speak life over me; heartbreaking. These invisible forces, along with the open doors, can be closed, by submitting our lives to Christ. It starts in His Word, time alone with God, speaking out life out over our families and prayer. Prayer is the solution I used to break, and bind the Masonic cruses off of my family. I mailed the Masonic ring and other paraphernalia back to the local Masonic lodge and reversed the curse back on them. In addition, every day I start with the Lord, and in His word, to fill my mind with the truths, and to shed light on any demonic activity I need to come against for myself and family members. Remember, we can’t go back, and I am still here, so the Lord wants to use me to share this with others and this is the purpose of my blogs! God Bless!

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