Dark Valleys

As we study the character of Joesph in the old testament, we read how he persevered through all the chaos, loss and deception. During the dark valley times, we must call on the Lord and embrace the reality of Lord’s presence with us even if we don’t feel it. We will all have valley experiences, but the key is to stay close to the Lord by reading, praying and meditating on His word. As we follow the story of Joesph, he kept the faith and kept moving forward. Even when Joesph didn’t understand the “WHY”!!! The ”Why” was extremely hard for me for several years following the tragic accident of my 19 year old daughter, Sydney Elaine. We don’t always get to understand why God allow the trails or lets the pain continue but we are called to TRUST Him. I spend a lot of time in the Bible and thanking God for my blessings regardless of how I feel. I choose to believe adversity, pain and tragedy will be used by the Lord to further His Kingdom and equip us to carry out HIS plan and not our plan. This life is not about us but about advancing His Kingdom. What is difficult in your life? What do you need to lay down and trust the Lord? Remember, following all of Joseph‘s heartache, the Lord used him in mighty ways; he fed his entire family during the famine, and he was used in Egypt in mighty ways. If your in a dark valley right now, keep walking towards the Lord and trust Him to work it out for your good. Again, it‘s NOT about us, so keep the faith and keep moving forward. Have a bless coming week, and go encourage one more.

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