Center Up

Your life must be centered on Jesus to receive the peace that surpasses all understanding. What would this look and feel like if everyone practiced this goal? Jesus‘s ministry was intended to deliver us from the stress, worry, fear, depression and anxiety and our reward; PEACE. Now after all these years, I have learned, I don’t want the rewards of men which include chasing shiny new things, worrying about who likes me, and riding in the fast lane of life while being blinded by Satan and not realizing it. Once I started to lay the rewards of men down at the cross, and focus on God, and what He had for me, and what His word says who I am; desires changed. I began to understand what it meant to be “Centered Up”. My prayer life changed, and I started with Jesus help me center my attention on You, draw me gently closer to you and what you have for my life and the life of my children. Please create in me a servant’s heart like Jesus Christ, and remove everything that doesn’t represent You. When I study Your word, a humble heart pleases You, and I ask You to center up my activities and behaviors to mold in me a humble heart. Thank you for freeing me of what man thinks of me and to know I am loved by the creator of the universe. I am free in the Blood of Jesus Christ. Please drive my life, and help me to stay centered on Jesus. Amen, praise be to God.

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