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Bent knees; break chains and provide a future

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

Reading an article several years ago about a professional ball player who left his phone, wallet and other important personal belonging under his bed at night so he would be reminded to start his days on bent knees. Many mornings I roll out of bed to the floor to thank the Lord for this day. The crazy busy world we live in, makes it easy to ovrelook this behavior. Instead we roll out and begin the day without the Lord. And it isn’t long after, the wheels come off the car and I am seeking the Lord for peace. Let alone how hard life can be, this humbling experience on my knees with the Lord, sets into motion a day of peace. As we age, there is NO amount of money to buy peace. When you couple white joy and love, it is a recipe for Kingdom living. Make it a habit to begin the day with the Lord, and bend the knee for worship and praise to seek the Lords‘s will for your life. A promise, never will you ever regret! PROMISE. God Bless go love one more on your knees. It will change your life and outlook.

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