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The beginning of 2023 started with several calls of awful news coming from friends regarding loved ones. The calls rang close to home as well, and I felt a deep concern coming over my spirit as each family shared their grief. What I noticed with all the calls, they had conceded to their feelings, and what the secular world was conveying about the situation. Not once did I hear, I am standing on God’s promises, and what His Word says about my situation. A lot of times we jump to the proposed dire situation, without seeking God’s direction. I shared with all my prayer warriors the prayer request so we could intercede, casting down their words of discouragement and replacing with God’s Word. (I prayer for everyone reading this blog: read His Word daily; its our ammunition). Updated calls from a couple families shared the good news of NO cancer, passed the test and other positive outcomes. Our flesh tends to cave when bad news is given; I TOTALLY understand, but we are called to stand firm in His Word without doubt. I decided to start a new Hope Journal for 2023 to record the answered prayer. I could refer back when the battle gets fierce and be reminded how He answers prayer. The Hope Journal is a tangible way to provide encouragement during the dark times, and record specific things the Heavenly Father has done for you to gain a greater understanding of His loving purpose for our lives. We are here only for the purpose to display His glory. Let’s go love the unlovable, and leave everyone better than you find them! This commission will keep us too busy to worry and give satan any real estate in our minds. James 5:16 Who has ownership of the real estate in your mind?

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