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The Comforter

Circling the earth for 62 years has provided a deep insight for me as it pertain to prayer, loneliness, and comfort. In fact, looking back over my years of journaling and church notes, reminds me how much I need Jesus. During my early years of live (until mid 40’s), I would ask the question why doesn’t God answer my prayers? Why do I alone? Why am I not feeling God’s presence? Theses questions I wrestled with, and still on occasion cross my mind but now are being answered as I draw closer to my Comforter. What I am learning, life is a journey, and not my final resting spot and I am being made SLOWLY into the image of Jesus. (BTW, the God had a lot of buffing and refining to do with me). Past journaling notes have provided some comforter to know a I’ve growing a lot in Jesus the last 20 years. I am glad some of my prayers weren’t answered but still ask about why some weren’t and that prayer I might have to wait until I meet Him face to face. It is mentioned frequently in the Bible we will have difficulty but to draw closer to him because He will never leave or abandon us. If your prayers aren’t answered, the spirit of loneliness is heavy and you feel like He isn’t close; open up the Bible and ask Him to comfort you as you start reading His word out loud. (uses two senses). Family and friends often ask where to start in the Bible, and I always suggest asking God or start at the beginning. Then talk with God as you would a dear friend, ask God to bring the right people into your life, take the time to memorize scripture especially His promises to never leave us, (Deut. 31:6; Joshua 1:5,9; Psalm 27:10; John 14:18 just to name a few) and lastly, understand He hears our prayers and knows what is best for us and we are called to TRUST His decision for our life. If prayers are delayed: MEDITATE and reflect on our behaviors/thoughts; are we being disobedient and seeking selfish prayers (our we living in God’s will and praying for our enemies), do we wrestle with doubt, are we attempting to manipulate a situation, wrong motivation are all good questions to ask God during your quiet time. God desire is to redirect us and have us repent so we can draw closer the Comforter. It is my hope this insight provides some knowledge on how to draw closer to the Comforter while we battle the difficult and dry seasons in our lives. God Bless.

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