Years ago in the fall of 2008, I was visiting a client and we were in the weeds about God. His name was Jay, and he asked me if I understood the word “sanctification”. At the time, with a lot of “religious insecurity“ I said I was being sanctified but not fully understanding the depth of the word. Fast forward nearly 15 years, and I was clueless. With the lost of my daughter, my sister, and my 25 year marriage, I have a much deeper knowledge of the process of sanctification. The process by which someone is made holy; in other words, separated from its former common usage and dedicated to God for His purposes. As I have learned with my walk with the Lord, every person is born spiritually dead and an enemy of God. (Ephesians 2:1 and Roman 5:10). Once we accept and trust Jesus, He wipes away our sins and begins the process of sanctification. We are here on earth to be Kingdom Builders and not focused on personal gain and seeking only our pleasures. This week marks another step closer to launching Young Life of Morgan County, a Christian program to lead children to Jesus Christ. As I follow His lead and seek His will for my life it opens feelings of joy and happiness that I didn’t think would be available after all my losses. I start and finish my day with Jesus to set the tone, vision and direction for my life. Have a blessed Wednesday!

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