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Resistance, a daily battle!

What is ”resistance”? It is what comes between you and happiness. We know we need to do something and we don’t, or the Lord has laid His Will on our hearts and we resist. We can call resistance a lot of names such as, procrastination, fear, laziness, doubt and indecision. Not until we own it, and pray about it, can we move forward and conquer “resistance“ for the day. We all have the desire to be happy and content, but resistance gets the better of us and we continue to circle the drain. For example, since the passing of my daughter Sydney, I have had the desire to publish a 365 daily Christian read, full of inspirational verses and sayings that were helpful for me to move forward when losing her over a decade ago. Instead of sitting down and finishing the 365 daily read, I am battling and slaying the desire to procrastinate and work on something else. Another area of down fall for me when resistance becomes my hurtle is clinging to past bad relationships!!!! I am a very loyal person, and it is difficult for me to walk away from unsafe family members and allow them to continue to circle the drain. I am the person always praying and saying, ”they will change” and this often leads to my unhappiness because they don’t! I can’t want something good for someone more than they want it for themselves. In my quest to battle the spirit of resistance, I am spending more time with the Lord, and allowing Him to be the center of my life. Thank you Father for your Word, Your Son, and Your Holy Spirit! I declare and degree You will continue to make my path straight.Proverbs 3:5-6

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