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Our Compelling Quest for Happiness, Joy and Peace

I hope as you read this entry, you will seek God‘s will for your life, and ask Him to speak to your spirit about His desires for your life. Keep in mind, our circumstances don’t define our true happiness. We have to ask ourselves if we are Christians, who should be cheerful, if not God’s people? When we seek happiness apart from Christ, we find loneliness, confusion and misery. So what is the secret sauce to finding happiness, joy and peace? There are a few things to keep in mind…..1. We must remind ourselves, this life is temporary, and unless we are seeking God and His will for our lives, our happiness will remain unstable! 2. Something’s that kept me circling the drain of unhappiness; demanding perfection of myself and my children in a broken fallen world. 3. The broken philosophy “do whatever makes you happy” is another downer and a quick trip to unhappiness. People who seek self gratification, and usually at the expense of others, end up living pathetic and despised lives. 4. Know the God we love is the author of love, peace, joy and happiness and the enemy of sin; our choices lead us into sin and into the pool of great sorrow. Choose today who you will serve, and seek God for EVERYTHING! God reminds us in Exodus 14:14; be still I will fight your battles! We can do all things through Christ who strengthen you Philippians 4:13. Go Love one more for Christ and share the happiness of the Lord moving the focus from ourselves to the Lord and others in need. This is one behavior to move you into the land of happiness!

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