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I came across this word at a recent conference I attended last week. The word created a pause in me to reflect on the meaning of the word. As early as 1987, I started to investigate the “Master” over my life but exploring who God is and how I was living. To step back and reflect on who I was prior to 1987, lost, circling the drain and didn’t even know it. Satan had me SO BLIND, I didn’t know what I didn’t know. How I was living my life and the results from this lifestyle provide ZERO love, peace and joy. I was the mini master of my life, and doing a very poor job!!! For many reasons, lack of knowledge, mismanagement of my time, and allusion over my life of I was in charge, and only I could make things happen wasn’t serving me well. I totally didn’t understand this journey called life; utterly clueless. But in 1992 my old daughter was born, which changed my life, my views and how I wanted to raise her differently than my childhood. i didn’t understand who Jesus really was, what He did for me and how He had a master plan for my life, let alone be my MasterChoice. Due to my lack of understanding, my busy life, and the need to be accepted and fit in; I missed a few decades of what God had for me. Once I started to pursue God for myself, my marriage and my daughter, Sydney, I started to understand what i had missed all those years. however, this transformation didn’t come quick, and after 31 more years, I am still being transformed into the likeness of Christ. I have lost a lot, but gained the wisdom, faith, joy, peace He has to offer. It is my desire that everyone doesn’t have to walk out all this pain to meet Him, but only He knows what will move your heart towards Him. It is my prayer you will discover your Master and make it the right Choice! If you broken, lost and hurting, let the God of the universe direct your path by spending time with Him in prayer, and reciting His word and promises back to Him. He will move mightily in your life. A few of my favorite verses is Exodus 14:14, Jeremiah 29:11 and Proverbs 3:5-6. Have a blessed Monday and remember its not about me, but our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. Kingdom builders……

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