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Len Change

Starting with a prayer; Lord show me who YOU want me to become, and what YOU have for me and prepare me for these revelations. Right now, initiate a new beginning to change my Len from an earthly vision to a heavenly vision. Please open my eyes to see as YOU see and remove from my thoughts and vision anything that isn’t of YOU. Thank YOU for making me uncomfortable because I know YOU gave me a great COMFORTER for such a time as this! Here I am Lord, waiting on YOU to see more clearly as YOU slowly change my Len about YOU, Jesus, myself, my family, and the world. I ask all of this in the blood of Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior. I pray this prayer will open your Len to over come evil with good, and gently prepare you to stand firm in the time of long suffering, and understanding when hurting people are hurting you. Keep your Len looking up at Jesus and the heavenly realm. We are here for ONE purpose, to be made in the image of Jesus Christ and NOTHING else. Go and love one more and leave everyone better than you found them……

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