Let these words linger……how do we develop a heart like Christ? The Lord has a purpose for our lives, and He is constantly working in and through us to achieve a Christ like heart. As He conforms us and allows struggles and heartaches to mold our hearts, He begins the process to make us in the image of His son, Jesus Christ. As you spend time with Him each day; what would you like to see different in your heart? In my own heart, I have asked for a heart of unlimited forgiveness, a heart of compassion and empathy, to be the light in the darkness. As I walk closer to Christ and the higher life, which requires throwing off the old man for the new man through time with Christ, you will adore truth and have a peace in your heart that surpasses all understanding. To have this kind of heart and truth, you will consider no labor too great to be undertaken but will adopt it joyfully and pursue it patiently until the truth and heart are at rest. Galatians 5:19-23 Go love one more.

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