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After almost five decades on this planet called earth, did I start to really understand the meaning of GRACE! Unfortunately, this wasn’t demonstrated in my life, until I drew closer to Christ, where I began to understand the importance of this behavior/fruit of the Holy Spirit. This learning coupled with the Holy Spirit changing my hardened heart to be more like Jesus; could I extend GRACE……

This discovery launched me into a new level of living, along with a new behavior towards others who have hurt me: equals FREEDOM for me: PRAISE THE LORD. We are called to treat people with grace, honor and forgiveness while leaving the consequences to the God. By demonstrating this new trait; we are communicating to them in accordance to the name God gives them; children of the most HIGH, and not according to the aliases they receive from fallen, broken, ungodly people like the old Shelley Campbell. Lets began 2024 with a new culture of living and behaving, under God’s umbrella of grace, mercy, forgiveness, love, peace and joy!

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