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Shelley Campbell, Sydney's mother donates 20% of her Medicare and  group employer healthcare consulting practice salary to make a difference in the lives of women and children by providing financial and mental/emotional health resources for those recovering from loss, tragedy, or life altering experiences.
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We share inspirational prayer cards for grieving friends & family suffering and provide resources and encouragement for lost souls.  

Sydney Elaine Campbell's Story

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And as God has ministered to my heart and enabled me to step out in faith, He has woven other Mothers who have lost children into the fabric of my life path, enabling me to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. The making and giving of prayer cards are still very therapeutic and brings me comfort, joy and a sense of purpose in knowing Sydney’s life did matter.

Sydney Elaine Campbell
4-28-1992 - 12-27-2011
was involved in a tragic auto accident on December 27, 2011, claiming her life, along with her friend, Jason.  The other driver in the accident was using their cell phone while driving as Sydney and Jason were crossing the street.

The next several years were a blur as we attempted to survive, and begin the long, slow process of healing and moving forward without our oldest daughter, Sydney. During this intensely dark time, our church poured out love and prayers to help us begin processing what our new life journey would be like without Sydney. 

A few months after Sydney’s passing, one of our pastors came to our home to share a set of hand made prayer cards.  These helped remind me of the love of Christ for my family. Her gift of prayer cards began to minister to my spirit and drew me closer to God’s word.  Several of the verses provided comfort and stirred a passion in my heart to share these cards with others in the same situation. 

The cards, along with my daily time with the Lord, allowed me to lay down the question I wrestled with over and over, “ Why Sydney, Lord? WHY-WHY-WHY?” As I read the cards and spent more time in the Bible, He began working slowly in my heart to lay down sadness, depression, and anxiety. He also provided a way of forgiveness for the distracted driver who took our daughter’s life. Studying His word helped me lay down my guilt, burdens and the “what ifs"  so I could move forward and become a vessel of refuge and comfort in helping others through tragic situations.

It is my desire to share these cards with friends and family experiencing pain, loss, and unforgiveness, through  a 501-(C)3 organization. Sydney’s smile offers prayer cards and conducts annual fundraisers for resources close to our hearts: mental health awareness and access.

Our Services & Programs

We hold fundraisers and workshops focused on strengthening individuals and their families.

We create prayer cards for individuals and their families experiencing grief or tragedy.

We direct individuals coping with grief, tragedy, or life altering experiences to mental health and financial resources. 

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Mental Health Resources

We direct individuals coping with grief or tragedy to receive mental or emotional support resources.

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Hand-Made Prayer Cards

We create hand-made prayer cards to keep on hand as artifacts of God's strength in times of crisis.

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We create fundraisers and workshops in Indiana communities to strengthen children and families in the communities where we live.

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